Perfect Paint Color

Pick the perfect paint color.

July 1, 2020

Paint color is the most dynamic way to change your home for the least amount of investment. Color is the emotion of the home, it sets our mood and tone in which we live.

This can be altered by the amount of light or what type of light, natural or incandescent. How the room faces and what is being reflected outside seascape, mountain, or urban all have characteristically different light.

When selecting the right color I often suggest not painting many little samples all close to one another. You need to see each one showcased on its own so they don’t pick up other colors undertones. I also recommend painting the sample on a board and walk around the room looking at the sample in the different light of the room as it will change according to the shading of each part of the space.

Undertones! Undertones! Undertones!

Let’s take a moment to talk undertones. They are the hidden language of your home that gets all the elements to speak to each other. If you chose a paint color that has a pink undertone and a floor that has a cool base color those two different elements will clash.

Finding the right undertone is key and why I always suggest a large sample because sometimes that simple undertone hides until you see it on a larger scale.

As far as what colors are more popular all I can say is who cares! Find a color that fits your personality. Be bold! Be soft! But most importantly be yourself!