That moment when I knew my life would be dedicated to design. 

The cobblestone was slick with morning due as I made my way through the narrow streets of Paris. The sun rose with its warm honey color light, painting the limestone buildings in a flaxen wash of color. It was on this morning as I leaned against the stone-carved balustrades, that I knew my life’s pursuit would be to find, to create, and to add beauty to the world.

Jennifer’s education began at the knee of her father. An acclaimed builder and inventor who has authored and owns over 40 U.S. patents. He taught her that innovation is the core principle in which all good design derives from. Her mother, a prolific historical novelist, instilled a love for the authentic, artistic, and classical realms of design through a global education. This helped form her passion for European esthetics and reinventing old world-building techniques, which is the cornerstone of her work.

This background and her 20 years of experience in the design industry, has helped procure a glamorous and international clientele, that are drawn to Jennifer’s acute eye for detail and elegance. Veranda Magazine claims her work to be “Lovely, Tranquil, and Balanced.”

She also has serviced as art director and senior talent management for top entertainment companies. She has used her extensive training in the arts to bring alive many theatrical productions and guide careers of prominent entertainers. She lives in Southern California with her husband and boy/girl twins on their lemon ranch. On any project, Jennifer brings her passion for art and living a purpose-driven life.